Former VP Dick Cheney is home from the Hospital

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(WOIO) - After spending the weekend at George Washington University Hospital in Washington, Dick Cheney is home from the hospital.

The former vice president was admitted to the hospital on Friday. He was in Wyoming when he started feeling poorly and flew to Washington, where he's been treated before.
He's 69-years-old and has a history of heart trouble having suffered five heart attacks over the last 32 years. 

Nine years ago he had a defibrillator implanted to monitor his heart and shock it back into a normal rhythm if it started beating abnormally. 

Since April of 2007 he's been in the hospital for atrial fibrillation, an abnormal rhythm in the heart's upper chambers, treated for abnormal heart beat with an electric shock to restore normal rhythm and suffered his 5th heart attack which was described as mild.

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