Fight Night: 3 Hospitalized & 3 Arrested after Movie Theater Fight

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SHAKER HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Police have arrested two adults involved in a brutal beating that took place in Shaker Square.

Cops say the brawl erupted outside of Shaker Square Cinemas.

Five people were ambushed from behind.

Cops say they were attacked using something the victims say looked like a baseball bat.

One guy needed 10 stitches to his head and another woman is still in the hospital with a ruptured ear drum and a serious skull fracture.

19-year old Jazzalyn Primous and 22-year old Lawrence Butler, both of Cleveland, were arrested. They are charged with Aggravated Robbery.

After the beating, police say the creeps wasted no time trying to use the stolen credit cards at ATM machines and beverage stores on Cleveland's east side.

Shaker Square Cinemas Statement

All of us at Shaker Square Cinemas were shocked by the malicious attack last night on five of our patrons, who were assaulted and robbed by two persons.  Upon learning of the attack, our manager immediately called 911 to report the crime and the injuries. Cleveland Police, Shaker Square private security and Cleveland Emergency Medical Technicians arrived a few minutes later to provide medical help to the injured patrons and transport them to the hospital. Meanwhile, our employees provided as much information as they could to the authorities and turned over a surveillance tape.

We are sorry this terrible incident occurred in our theater. Our hearts go out to each patron who was brutally attacked during this random crime.  We are grateful for the quick response by the Cleveland Police who have already apprehended the two suspects responsible for the attacks.

We have never had this kind of incident occur in the history of the Shaker Square Cinemas. We strive to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all our patrons. We have immediately increased our security inside the theater complex. Shaker Square Cinemas is also reviewing our internal security measures and will do our best to make sure this random type of attack never happens again.

We treasure the family-oriented atmosphere at Shaker Square and are committed to working with the community to preserve that atmosphere.


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