Out of Luck: Store Owner charged in Local Lottery Scam

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RAVENNA, OH (WOIO) - When you play the lottery your chances of winning aren't great, but a local store owner made them a whole lot worse.

It happened in Ravenna.

Police say the owner of a Sparkle Market, Sadhuram Patel, lied to customers and kept their cash.

Here's how it went down: When customers would come in and ask him to check their lottery tickets he would tell them sorry, you didn't win and then pocket the cash.

Investigators caught on after several complaints and decided to launch a sting.

Jeannie Roberts with the Ohio Lottery explains, "Some investigators took a ticket in, said can you check this to see if it's a winner. He said no, actually it was a $6,000 winner. So he has been charged with theft, felony theft and felony telecommunications fraud."

The lottery has suspended Patel's license and removed all lottery equipment from his store.

Patel's son will also be charged in connection with the case.

He was the one who tried to cash in the ticket.

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