County Corruption: The Good old boy network of Cuyahoga County is Crumbling

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Two Cuyahoga County workers, politically connected, are now unemployed.

After pleading guilty to corruption charges Frank Russo's right hand woman, Sandy Klimkowski is out and she's not the only one.

Her daughter Lisa Rogers and her husband Raymond are out too.

"They have both been effectively terminated," said Destin Ramsey, Auditor's Chief of Staff.

Investigators say Sandy's power in the office played a big role in her daughter Lisa being hired in the Weights and Measures Department as well as Raymond Rogers getting a clerical job in the General Services Department.

Insiders tell 19 Action News that with the Klimkowski connection in both jobs and the pair had a lot of freedom to come and go as they wished.

While the county cannot confirm or deny, 19 Action News has learned that Lisa's firing had to do with her refusal to accept a transfer to a department where she'd be at a desk all day and her time could be more accounted for.

Raymond's came after he had confrontations with coworkers and walked off a job.

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