Hay Fever, Asthma Vaccine Could Help Allergies

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – New details on a health alert we reported last week.

A new vaccine that may cure hay fever and treat asthma may not only help with those illnesses…it could also help ward off eczema and a whole host of other allergies for life!

Summer months mean misery for millions of hay fever sufferers.

A team of Swiss doctors say they've created an experimental vaccine that could get rid of hay fever and other allergies for life.

First, the shot injections kick starts the immune system.  Then, the body develops it's own protection against allergies.

The first large scale-human trial could start next year. If all goes well, a vaccine might be on the shelves within a few years.

Preliminary test results show it can be effective and medical experts who have reviewed these results hope it will be a one-size-fits-all injection that tackles all kinds of allergies.

The test vaccine has also  been shown to cut down asthma attacks triggered by allergies by a third.

Dr. Elaine Vickers of Asthma UK says "if you inherit a tendency toward allergies you've also got a tendency toward developing asthma, eczema, or other allergic conditions, they often go side by side. We know half the people with asthma also have allergies."

Scientists are staying cautiously optimistic. There is a long road of testing before the shot is proven to be safe and effective.

For allergy sufferers -- even the hope of a lifetime cure!

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