Beloved Pup Missing After Break-In at Westside Cleveland Home

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A beloved dog is missing after a break-in on Cleveland's Westside over the weekend.

Thugs muscled into Adam Pastors' West 71st Street home early Sunday morning. The suspects, who got on top of the porch and climbed in through the window, stole a flat screen TV, three computers, a cell phone, watches and clothes.

But Pastors and his roommate aren't concerned about the material possessions that were swiped. They are more concerned for their dog, Miles, who hasn't been seen since the break-in.

"I could care less about the TV," said Pastors. "The main concern is the dog, bringing him home safe."

There is some question over whether the thugs stole Miles, too, or if the pup scampered off during the excitement.

"He's got a lot of energy. He's one year old, he's little, he's agile and he's excited." said Pastors. "He may have run out."

Pastors grew up in Strongsville, but he believes in and works in the city. The break-in bothers him, but didn't change his mind on living in Cleveland. He just wants his dog back.

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