Crime Up: Police Feelin' the Heat as Crime rises along with the Temperatures

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) -  When it gets hot out the cops get busy and according to police it happens every summer.

19 Action News got a chance to see exactly what authorities are dealing with as we rode along with Parma police.

At 7:30p.m. Parma Police heads out to another domestic violence call.

At this call, a child called 911 to report mom and dad were fighting.

"Who's been drinking both been drinking," asked Patrolman Joe Mazur.

Officer Mazur says domestic disputes are always tricky because they can explode at any moment when the weather gets hot.

The hotter it gets, the busier police get.

People tend to drink more, argue more, and they act out.

Since the first of the year, Parma Police have responded to more than 18-thousand calls. On a busy night like Wednesday night, Officer Mazur tells 19 Action News that he might handle anywhere between 10 or 13 calls, many because people's tempers are short.

The good news is that burglars seem to get lazy in the heat and take the day off.

But the bad news is that when it's this hot, some people who've never been in trouble before get a little crazy and get in trouble.

Just to give you idea how busy it gets in the heat, 19 Action News rode along with Parma Police for a little over an hour and had to respond to three different calls including the two domestic disputes.

Luckily no one was arrested.

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