Sorry, Folks: Police Barge Into Wrong House, Startle Pregnant Woman

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NEWBURG HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - A Newburg Heights family got the surprise of their lives when police officers stormed into their home, only to find out they had the wrong house.

The family was sitting in the living room playing a video game Friday afternoon, when Newburg Heights police stormed in unannounced.

It was quite a shock to one of the women inside, who happens to be 8-months pregnant.

Cops say they were responding to a call for help from someone who is suicidal, and came to the wrong address.

"We were sitting in here playing on the Wii, and they just walked into our house," said Richard Williams. "Didn't knock on the door or nothing."

"What if, what if I had a family dog and he came at him, they would have shot him in front of my kids." said Don Steinke.

Thankfully, no one was hurt, but a little startled. Residents say one of the cops apologized for the confusion when they realized they had the wrong place.

The family is not talking lawsuit or anything, they just want someone to be held accountable for the mistake.

Both police departments involved - Cuyahoga Heights was assisting - refused to comment to 19 Action News.

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