CPD Parking Garage Floods - Again

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Cleveland Police are being flooded out of their own parking garage.

19 Action News hidden camera shows a massive flooding problem right in the middle of a parking garage at Cleveland Police Headquarters.

The water is so deep, Cleveland officers driving city and personal vehicles can barely get through it.

Also, there is standing water just outside of some county offices.

19 Action News was told by multiple sources that the flooding wasn't caused by Friday's storms and it's not just a one day problem.

Privately, Cleveland Police officers say the flooding has happened periodically.

When talking to CPD brass about the driving hazard, they referred all questions to Cleveland's City Hall who then directed questions to a maintenance man whom was unavailable for comment.

Whatever the reason, the hidden camera shows that even during the mini-drought we just had there's at least one place with too much water. On the street, cops would tell you not to drive through something like that.

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