New Cap: Live Video From Oil Leak

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USA (WOIO/CBS) - BP says it is hopeful its latest effort to stem the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico will work. But the company it may take several days to find out if the latest fix will work.


Oil is gushing un-checked from BP's blown-out well while engineers take a shot
at containing all of the crude.

Over the weekend underwater robots removed the old containment cap. BP hopes to get a new cap.. designed to fully seal the leak.. on the well by the end of
the week.

Even if the tighter fitting cap is successful - it's not the permanent fix.

BP is still counting on two relief wells to stop the leak for good.

The White House is pressuring BP to move fast while the weather is good. The Obama Administration is optimistic the new cap will work and make it
easier to kill the well

Gulf coast residents have heard BP's promises before - and say they'll believe
this solution when the see it.

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