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A Matrix premiere today in theatres and the video store

Undated-AP -- The latest version of the "Matrix" movies premieres in theatres and a new Matrix video game goes on sale today as well.

It is likely to break ground in the relationship between movies and video games.

The "Enter the Matrix" video game was created by film-makers Andy and Larry Wachowski, the people responsible for the film premiering today "The Matrix: Reloaded".

The Wachowskis wrote a script for the video game to parallel the movie.

Stars like Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann Moss are featured on the video game.

Dave Perry of Shiny Entertainment says there is an hour of new Matrix footage that you won't see in any of the Matrix movies.

Perry says the big surprise for players of "Enter the Matrix" is when they pick up the controller, the action scenes are so great, they will feel tougher than they have ever felt before in a game.

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