WOIO Editorial: Lebron...Collusion or Worse?

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(WOIO) - In Lebron James, we thought we had a legitimate hometown sports hero, the first since Bernie Kosar. We are so naïve. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves falling for that kind of old-time, misty-eyed Americana.

That romantic notion is so yesterday and this is today where there are no heroes in sports, only greed and ego. James may have been raised here, but the only loyalty he has is to himself.

Dan Gilbert, the Cavs owner who harbors those old-fashioned values called James a traitor, a damning description for sure, but now there is some evidence that our former NBA star might also have been guilty of worse, he might have been a cheat.

There is plenty of evidence emerging that James conspired with team mates Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh as far back as two years ago to create a scenario whereby they would all play together in Miami. And, all three allegedly met in late-June to finalize their plans, a meeting that might be a violation of the NBA's collusion and tampering rules.

But consider this: Remember that fifth game in the playoffs against Boston? Who could forget it and everyone wondered what was wrong with Lebron?

One thing is certain if he had already committed to himself and Bosh and Wade that he was destined for Miami he certainly couldn't lead the Cavaliers to an NBA Championship. I hope that last suspicion is unfounded but I, for one, am no longer naïve.

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