Car Creeps: Rash of Overnight Car Break-Ins Reported in Akron

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AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Residents in the North Hill Akron area - particularly the 800 and 900 block of Nevin Street - have reported several car break-ins that occurred overnight.

The suspects were seen using large green trash bags and removing items from parked vehicles. The only suspect description is two white males with trash bags.

Police are urging residents to follow these tips to prevent the theft of property from a vehicle:

Before exiting your vehicle, look inside, check both front and back seats; ensure you are not leaving any valuables in sight.

• Avoid leaving packages or shopping bags visible in your car-this includes the following:

backpacks, GPS units, MP3 players, cell phones, electronic power cords, kid's electronic handheld games, cameras, memory cards, CD's, a set of keys, laptop, briefcase, wallet, purse, removable radio face plates and so forth.

• Lock all of the doors-even the trunk and the glove box.

Most of all, report any suspicious activity to the Akron Police Department at (330) 375-2181.

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