Rant: Cuyahoga County Commissioners Let Loose on the Media

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cuyahoga County commissioners used Thursday's meeting to lash out at the media.

The state released the county's financial audits for 2007 and 2008, giving the county a clean bill of health.

Commissioners Tim Hagan, Peter Lawson Jones and Jimmy Dimora gave the media a verbal tongue-lashing. Commissioner Dimora was the first to take his gloves off.

"The media wants to keep distorting the facts and not tell the truth," said Commissioner Dimora. "I'll give you odds that this will not be on the front page of the Plain Dealer tomorrow."

The commissioner also took the time to talk about how the media covered his problems.

"Everybody and everything is labeled county corruption and Jimmy Dimora or Frank Russo or a combination of both and its really appalling."

Commissioner Hagan agreed, "I would beg the press to be a little more sophisticated about the coverage. It's insulting to a lot of people."

The point of Commissioner Hagan's rant was that the media's coverage of the county corruption investigation ignores the fact in his view that most of the 8000 people who work in county government are honest and hard working. While he may be right, his rant and that of Commissioner Dimora upstaged that message.

"When they talk about fairness and truth and honesty in these news reports it's not true."

"It is just as evil to corrupt the public mind about those who work in government as it is to steal from the public purse."

After all was said and done, Commissioner Dimora still insists he's innocent. "I've done nothing wrong I've said it time and time again and I'm gonna continue saying it and I'm gonna defend myself till the day I die. I have not taken any money I've not steered any contracts. I've not rigged any bids."

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