Unleashed: Dehydration can spell disaster for pets during Summer Months

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Summer is supposed to be a time for fun but it can also pose risks for your little furry friends.

Cleveland's Animal Protective League found a puppy abandoned on a hot roof in 90 plus degree temperatures with no apparent water or shade nearby.

"This is a case would be fatal," said Summer Investigator Jed Mignano.

During these dog days of summer the APL said they responded to three different complaints of possible animal neglect all on the same block.

However, there are several ways to protect your pets from the hazards they face during the warmer months.

According to the APL basic care means pets should have enough shade and enough fresh water.

"When we humans get too hot we sweat which is an efficient way to lower our core temperatures but animals like dogs and cats can't do that."

"Animals are not even at tolerant to heat as we are," said veterinarian Dr. Allison Lash.

By taking a few simple steps, pet owners can keep their furry friends healthy, happy and hydrated all summer long.

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