Capped: New Containment Cap Finally Stops Oil from Spewing Into the Gulf

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(WOIO) - For the first time in nearly 90 days, finally a stop to the massive oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico. The newest containment dome was able to stop the crude gushing out underwater.

Officials are now just watching and waiting, while tests go on to see if the oil well can handle pressure from stoppage.  There's caution all around, even from President Obama.

"I think it is a positive sign," Mr. Obama said. "We're still in the testing phase."

Eventually, officials say they'll reopen the valves in the well and bring in more vessels to collect the oil.

While officials are cautiously optimistic, the impact of the spill has been devastating.

"Every day from here on out that it stays sealed off, there will be less oil in the marshlands, to kill the birds and our way of life. It's going to be a long cleanup, said Billy Nungesser,
Plaquemines Parish President."There's a lot of oil out there. But every day now going forward there will be a little bit less oil to deal with."

"We're far from the finish line here. We've got a lot of work left to do,"said Doug Suttles,
Chief Operating Officer of BP Exploration and Production. "We'll be here for a long time."

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