'Bron Bling: Diamond Encrusted LeBron Pendant Focus of Police Investigation

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WADSWORTH, OH (WOIO) - A pricey LeBron James pendant is the focus of a police investigation in Wadsworth.

Vaneisha Robinson says she purchased the diamond encrusted piece of jewelry at a yard sale for a mere $5. Robinson had the basketball jersey-shaped pendant appraised and found it to be worth a cool $10K. Upon learning the value, she placed it for sale on eBay.

Robinson says she received a call from Maverick Carter's mother, Katherine. Maverick, a close friend and CEO for James' marketing company, claimed the pendant had been stolen from him.

According to police, Katherine told Robinson that LeBron wanted to buy the pendant back and urged her to come to her Wadsworth home. Robinson went to the home, but instead of LeBron, she was greeted by a number of angry people who allegedly threatened her and stripped her of the pendant.

Police were called to the scene and determined the pendant in question did, in fact, belong to Carter. Robinson plans to fight to get the pendant back.

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