I'm in Miami: Lebron Bids on $50-Million Plush Pad

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - LeBron James is looking for a new home in Miami and we've learned that he's bidding on a $50-million mansion.

His new crib is reportedly located on the water in Coral Gables, just outside Miami.

Heat President Pat Riley used to live here, he sold it, now it's on the market again.

And Lebron has reportedly started paperwork to buy it.

The mega mansion has a spacious kitchen where he can toast his "ego"...oops we mean eggos for breakfast.

It has a tennis court but if doesn't like playing tennis he can just "quit" and convert it to a basketball court.

It also has 11 bathrooms, where Lebron can primp and admire himself.

The office by the way has plenty of room for all his NBA Championship trophies...oh, that's right, he doesn't have any.

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