"Witness" Mobile for Sale on Craigslist

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The purging of all things LeBron James continues in Northeast Ohio this weekend with the selling of the "Witness" mobile.

The 1987 Cutlass Supreme can be found for sale on Craiglist...click here to see the listing site.

Saturday, the vehicle was listed for $23K.

The vehicle was turned into a mobile petition to try to convince LeBron James to stay in Cleveland. Pleasedontleave23.com started the campaign at Kent State University and received wide exposure in the US, UK, and Canada.

The vehicle has 24" rock starr rims, vertical doors, dual exhaust, checkered pillow seats, full sized automatic sunroof, LED MVP signs in the doors and a great sound system. The hood and fenders are covered with thousands of signatures from fans, and the trunk has signatures from various Sports figures and Cleveland legends including:

  • Josh Cribbs
  • Bernie Kosar
  • Eddie George
  • Alex Macc
  • Tedd Ginn
  • Troy Smith
  • Austin Carr
  • Camby Russel
  • Buster Douglass
  • Ed Reed
  • Terrell Prior
  • Rob Simms
  • Mike Kudla
  • Otto Orf
  • Edgar Jones
  • Brad Sellers
  • Richard Quinn
  • Mario Manningham
  • Barry Cofield
  • Brandon Jacobs
  • Terrell Prior
  • Beanie Wells
  • Trevor Crowel
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