My Fault: Mother of teen Molested by Former School Administrator Blames Herself

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CANTON, OH (WOIO) - The mother of a child molestation victim says she knows exactly how her son feels.

Michelle Swonger is a victim of child molestation herself and a former Canton City Schools administrator was sentenced to prison Monday for molesting her son.

James Irvin will spend just 18-months behind bars for molesting a male Timken High School student.

The 57-year-old came clean and pleaded guilty to charges of gross sexual imposition and providing alcohol to an underage person last month.

Michelle says she never seen it coming and jail time won't undo the damage he's done.

"People need to realize, we're not able to pick out sex predators. And it's the person you least expect," said Michelle Swonger.

"I looked at him like being my father, being a father, teaching me to be a man," said the now 19-year-old victim. "And then all of a sudden I feel him rubbing down my body."

Investigators believe there are other victims, even in other districts, but this former student is the only one with the courage to come forward.

"I feel like I aided and abetting this man, how could I not know? I feel so responsible. My son's 19, but you still want to hug your child, love him."

Irvin resigned from his position in March.

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