Well Suited: State Officials Join Hugo Boss Workers to Celebrate 'First Suit Off the Line'

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BROOKLYN, OH (WOIO) - A big celebration at Brooklyn's Hugo Boss plant on Monday.

Governor Ted Strickland and U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown joined hundreds of local workers to acknowledge the 'first suit off the line' at the German company's only U.S. suit manufacturing facility.

The celebration was cut short, however, by a power outage in the area. Workers were sent home before noon, but can expect to have a normal work day on Tuesday.

Hugo Boss announced plans to close the Brooklyn plant in December of '09. Strickland and Brown worked closely with Workers United, Hugo Boss and Pemira Advisors urging company officials to keep the plant open. In April of this year, Hugo Boss workers ratified an agreement that would keep the facility open.

"We're happy to be back at work instead of sitting at home," said one relieved employee. "That's what it means to me. I just hope everything works out for us and it gets better and that we stay open."

Hugo Boss released the following statement late Monday morning regarding the reopening of the plant.

"Today, Hugo Boss and Workers United celebrated the reopening of the Company's Cleveland manufacturing facility. We are hopeful that the significant changes brought about by the parties' new collective bargaining agreement will allow the facility to be more globally competitive."

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