Dre$$ Code: CMSD to Stop Doling Dollars to Needy Kids for Uniforms

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - School uniforms are required in the city of Cleveland, but now, CMSD is no longer offering assistance to purchase the proper school attire.

Blame budget cuts. Last school year, the district doled out hundreds of thousands of dollars to help students in need. Kids in low-income families got a voucher for $50, in which they could purchase two school-approved outfits. That was down from the voucher they received two years ago to get three uniforms. [View the CMSD dress code HERE]

"The first time it was three pair of pants and three tops. Now it's cut down to two. Now this year we're not getting any," said Lill Smith.

The dress code - which is aimed at cutting down on violence and taking fashion pressure off of kids - became mandatory for all Cleveland schools last year. Despite the cutbacks, some parents are still pleased their children have to wear uniforms.

"With all the kids having the same stuff on, there's no need to fight about who's wearing what, who's not faddish or whatever," said Marilyn Howard.

The district is hoping the community pulls together to make contributions for those students in need. If you would like to help, you may send a tax deductible contribution to:

Uniforms for Kids 
P.O. Box 22614
Cleveland, OH  44122

And if you are having a hard time purchasing school uniforms, contact your school, they should know of available programs.

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