Mysterious: Family Prepares to Bury Emma as Action News Continues to Uncover Details

Alex J. Cucu
Alex J. Cucu

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EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - A body found floating in Lake Erie is that of missing swimmer Emma Nahas.

Now, the 911 calls from the night the 20-year-old disappeared while boating with friends have been released.

The call for help was made from Alex Cucu's cell phone. He's the owner of the 48-foot boat that Emma and her friends were aboard while partying on July 8th.

"We have a passenger overboard. We need assistance from the U.S. Coast Guard. We need assistance please help. We need Coast Guard assistance between the crib and Cleveland Stadium." says 911 caller.

Sources close to the investigation identity the people aboard the boat as John Weston, Alex J. Cucu, John Slyman, Brittney Schott, Kelsey Silvestri, Faye Loparich, Lisa Meluch and Nina Patel. All of them have been grilled by investigators at least twice. Some have lawyered up.

Tuesday, the Coast Guard charged Cucu with boating under the influence. His charges are the first in connection with Emma's disappearance. 

As far as the others, Emma's family says their stories keep changing and their inconsistencies and lack of detail makes them suspicious.

Even in her grief, Emma's cousin can't stop wondering what really happened.

"They didn't drive the boat over to where they thought they lost her, didn't take the jet skies out. Slyman was found in the water apparently with his pants off, apparently, the tide was that rough, well, Emma came back 11 days later wearing her complete bathing suit." said Michelle Ruegg.

The coroner lists Emma's preliminary cause of death as drowning.

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