On Alert: Ravenna residents being Extra careful after Black Bear Spotting

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RAVENNA, OH (WOIO) - Some local neighborhoods are on bear alert!

A couple of residents in Ravenna woke up to a wild sight they'd never seen before, a black bear in their own back yards!

Police have been getting reports of sightings in several spots.

The bear rummaging through garbage cans and scurrying into nearby wooded areas. People out walking their dogs or getting the paper in the driveway have also spotted it.

"It ran toward the neighbors dog then took back up the sidewalk, like it was going toward 59."

Neighbors were also able to take pictures of the footprints he left behind.

Larry Woodling says his dog's bark was enough to send the bear running. "She started barking real hard. I went out to the back door and let her in. Didn't think anything of it. When I got home I found out there was a bear standing in our driveway."

Officials say if you spot a bear in your yard just make some noise or if he gets real close, you can always use your mace.

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