In Court: Action News goes behind Closed Doors for another Cleveland Strangler Hearing

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Suspected Cleveland Strangler Anthony Sowell was back in court Wednesday for another hearing.

Among those at the closed-door hearing, a sex crimes detective who was called to testify. He's the same detective who searched Sowell's home in a rape case, and that is what led to police finding nearly one dozen dead women.

During the hearing investigators were put on the spot about how they questioned Sowell. The so-called Cleveland Stranglers attorney's argued that he didn't know what he was doing when he spoke to cops.

Investigators say they read him his rights several times but defense attorney's still question Sowell's mental health.

Meantime, there is still no ruling on whether or not the court will allow his statements to police, but 19 Action has also learned that the court approved nearly $20,000 of additional monies.

The funds will go to pay for defense attorneys and experts.

This means the cost to taxpayers for defending the suspected serial killer is skyrocketing.

Last October, Cleveland Police discovered eleven female, African American bodies inside and outside of Sowell's Imperial Avenue property.

Five bodies were discovered inside the home and another six were found buried in the backyard.

All of the bodies have identified.

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