Pigeon-Drop: Great Grandma scammed out of $20,000

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News has a warning about a scam that cost an elderly woman $24,000.

86-year old great grandmother fell for the so-called "Pigeon-Drop Scam" and got conned out of a lot of money.

"When you're looking for something for nothing that's when people get conned," said the victim.

The victim says she had just left the bank when she found a pouch with a wad of money and foreign lottery tickets inside.

The con artists told her that if she went back to the bank and withdrew some money, they 'de split what she found with them.

Great grandma says she was taken to three different banks to withdraw her money.

"Had I been thinking why would I have to draw money out of the bank for you to divide the money with me?"

The victim says the crooks then told her that her cut of the cash was in a package in a store. It wasn't and they were long gone.

"The suspects they're so well-polished they go through their routine. They do it every day and a lot of these go unreported," said Sgt. Dave Rutt of Crime Stoppers.

If you know anything about these scammers...call Crime Stoppers.

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