Arrests made in rash of Ohio and Pennsylvania burglaries

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WALTON HILLS, OH (WOIO) - The Walton Hills Police Department in cooperation with the Wickliffe Police Department have arrested two males in connection with a string of burglaries in both Ohio and Pennsylvania.

On Saturday, July 11, 2010 a witness observed two males in a black colored Cadillac drive up a driveway of è neighbors home, get out of the vehicle then walk around the house. The witness at the time did not know that the males were burglarizing the home that they saw them at.

• Walton Hills officers were called out to the scene after the home owner arrived home and found his home was burglarized at approx. 7:31pm (Egbert Road -Walton Hills)

• Police arrived on the scene at 7:35pm. The Walton Hills Police Detective Bureau and the Chief of Police were notified and advised that several guns were taken. Detective Bureau and the Chief of Police responding.

• Four additional officers were called in to assist with processing evidence and assist with patrol duties.

• Officers cleared the scene on Egbert Road at 11:28pm.

Walton Hills sent out a teletype to all terminals N/E Ohio and tecelved several calls from other agencies regarding a black Cadillac being observed or Involved in crimes of the same nature. On Tuesday July 20, 2010, a Wickliffe police officer observes a male driving a silver Cadillac and pulls the vehicle down for a violation, Inside of the Cadillac were two pieces of Jewelry which the officers placed into their evidence for safe keeping.

On Tuesday, July, 20, 2010 Walton Hills through investigative calls and teletypes respond to the Wickliffe Police Department and photograph the jewelry since the driver of the car who was arrested by Wickliffe Police was a person of interest in the burglary in Walton Hills. Walton Hills Police locate a Black Cadillac at a Wickliffe Hotel and photographs the vehicle. Later positive identification of both the jewelry and the Cadillac were obtained from the victims and the witness. The victims of the burglary in Walton Hills later identified the jewelry as being theirs.

Police from both Walton Hills and Wickliffe conduct surveillance at a Wickliffe Hotel where the black Cadillac was located. Walton Hills Detectives draw up arrest warrants for both suspects and obtain search warrants from the Lake County Prosecutor.

Wickliffe police take both suspects into custody without incident. Both males were detained by Wickliffe and were later transported to Walton Hills for processing. Currently, both males are in the custody and are being held in the Cuyahoga County jail.

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