Women's Connection

About Women's Connection

The Women's Connection is an office setting that provides comprehensive urologic services and opportunity to female patients. Services of the Women's Connection include: urologic assessment and evaluation, pelvic floor physical therapy, biofeedback, several treatment options for incontinence, over active bladder and pelvic organ prolapse, treatment for pelvic pain disorders, sexual health assessment and treatment, diet and exercise planning, and support from staff and patients who share the same health concerns.


The goal of Women's Connection is to increase community awareness of urinary incontinence and disorders of the pelvic floor, and to establish these problems as real medical issues rather than accepting them as a normal part of the aging process. We aim to provide improved quality of life for females in all aspects of urologic health including physical, emotional/psychological, and sexual health. We strive to create an opportunity for women to be empowered and encouraged by each other, and by the success of treatment of a real widespread medical problem.

Join Us

A variety of office hours are available, including some evening and Saturday morning appointments. Please call (440) 887-2783 for an appointment. Membership for the Women's Connection includes access to all Girl Talk events, as well as attendance privileges for any Shape Your Connection session. The cost for membership is $25 each year, or $5 per session. To register, please call (440) 887-2783.

"Girl Talks"

"Girl Talks" are evening sessions with guest speakers that address issues pertaining to the health of women. They are hosted once each month at 6900 Pearl Rd. Light snacks and beverages are provided. It is a great opportunity to get out with the girls, and make a healthy change at the same time! To register, please contact us at (440) 887-2783.

"Shape Your Connection"

"Shape Your Connection" is an exercise class that meets weekly on Tuesday evenings from 7 to 8 pm at the 6900 Pearl Rd location. It is geared for those who need to improve their outlook, and raise their success rates in surgery, incontinence management, and in life. It is a perfect way to reshape your body, your attitude, and your friendships! To register, or for more information, please call (440) 887-2783.

Community Outreach

Women's Connection recognizes that economic times are not easy, especially when the price for incontinence pads and overactive bladder medications aren't decreasing. In order to give quality care to all females in our community, we are providing a number of free office visits each month for qualifying patients without insurance. We are also in the process of reaching out to our patients with urologic issues that reside in nursing care facilities. Please contact us for more information, or to become involved in making a urologic difference.