Exclusive: Emma Nahas' friend John Weston opens up ONLY to Action News

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - He was there the night 20-year-old Emma Nahas vanished in Lake Erie and now John Weston is speaking Only to 19 Action News.

Weston gave Investigative Reporter Scott Taylor a minute by minute description of what went down when the 20-year old disappeared.

Weston said both Emma and 31-year old John Slyman were not wearing life jackets when they jumped in to the water a little after 8:00 p.m. He says the two were taking one last dip before all nine people headed back to shore. And that's when he says things took a turn for the worse.

"I hear a cry for help and I look over and I saw 2 hands in the air. I just immediately jump into the water. I start swimming as hard as a I can to that figure," said John Weston.

With the storm closing in, Weston said he jumped in to try and save the first person he saw.

"I pull em up from the water and it's John Slyman. Waves start crashing on my head."

According to Weston, Brittany Schott and Kelsey Silvestri grabbed life jackets and tried to help too.

"I hear a voice from the boat, where's Emma. Where's Emma. When I look around I don't see her at all."

He yelled toward the boat and asked if Emma was on board and they all said no.

By now, Weston said Alex Cucu was calling 911 and the other people on the boat tried to jump in and help search for Emma but the waves were just too strong.

"I blame myself for not paying more attention to her. It's a tragedy that we lost somebody like that and I have to live the rest of my life knowing I couldn't do anything to help her."

John says he talked to 19 Action News for Emma and because her family deserves to know the truth about what happened.

"She deserves it. She deserves better for what people are saying about her."

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