Filming: Extras needed as Derby themed flick '25 Hill' continues shooting

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AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Thousands of unpaid extras turned out Sunday afternoon to have their face on the big screen.

"25 Hill" started filming Saturday and will continue to do so through Wednesday.

If you are looking to make your Hollywood debut, be on hand Monday-Wednesday, July 26th-28th, at Spring Hill Sports Complex, 3749 Fortuna Drive, Akron. There will be 500 extras needed.

The Derby-themed movie written, produced and directed by Corbin Bernsen and funded mainly by the Northeast Ohio community, began filming in Akron back in April.

"25 Hill" is about 11 year-old Trey Caldwell (Gamble) whose dreams of Derby victory fade when his father Thomas, played by Tim Ormundson (Psych, Judging Amy) is killed fighting in Afghanistan. But Trey begins to rebuild those dreams with the help of a reluctant hero, a one-time derby champ Roy (Bernsen), who is contending with his own terrible heartbreak. A deep friendship is forged and wounds are healed under the dim light of a backyard garage, but the duos hopes are threatened when the Derby's demise appears imminent.

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