Charged: Man accused of murdering wife, charged two Days after he was Arrested


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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The man accused of murdering his own wife and then dropping off his 4-year-old step-son in the middle of the street has finally been charged.

Maurice Lyons was arrested Monday in the investigation of the death of Tonya Hunter.

Wednesday he was charged with Aggravated Murder. He was also charged on a Domestic Violence Warrant.

19 Action News obtained exclusive video Tuesday of the murder victim's four-year-old son being dumped on an inner city street by the man police believe killed her.

Maurice Lyons is sitting behind bars this hour accused in the vicious stabbing death of his wife, Tonya Hunter-Lyons. What's worse, Tonya's four-year-old son may have witnessed the murder.

Tonya's body was discovered after her young son, Timothy, was found in the middle of the road at East 28th and Cedar late Sunday evening.

"Some man just came down the street," said witness Tonya Crenshaw. "I was standing outside at 28th and Cedar and left his little boy out the car and just took off and flew and drove off."

Neighbors found the crying boy and immediately called 911. Investigators arrived on scene and took the child to family services. After talking to the child, police were led back to his home located on the 17500 block of Walden Avenue and found his fatally stabbed mother in the garage around 1:30AM.

Surveillance video from a nearby market shows the exact moment when little Timothy is abandoned in the tough neighborhood.

The car is captured driving west on Cedar toward downtown. It passes 28th Street and stops. In the video, little Timothy is already out. The car speeds off and Timothy chases it, terrorized.

"He was crying, I want my Mommy...I want my Mommy," said Crenshaw. "And they asked him who was that in the car and he said that it was my Daddy. It was just so sad, so sad."

"It saddens me to know that people can do that to little children." she added.

The Director of Child and Family Services tells 19 Action News that Timothy is currently with a foster family. They are doing background checks on several family members who want to take the child and he will be placed with relatives on Wednesday. Timothy is undergoing counseling with victim of violent crime experts.

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