Firebug: Man heads to prison for setting house fire with woman and kids inside

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A Cleveland firebug will spend the next eight years in prison.

March 13, 2010, 26 year old Trebor Perry poured lighter fluid on the stove, floor and carpeting in the living room of his Cleveland home.

He then turned on the stove and lit a match while his 24 year old girlfriend and their two kids were inside.

The girlfriend grabbed a shirt and put out the flames before they traveled too far.

Court ordered tests show Perry isn't too bright. His own lawyer admits it.

"Mr. Perry had a severe mental defect at the time of the offense," said defense attorney, Edward Mullin.

His mother thinks he needs help not jail.

"I'm asking the court to have mercy on my son. He's been to the penitentiary one time. He's only got one number. He's not a bad kid," said Perry's mother, Princetta.

"I know that I do crazy things when I'm intoxicated," said arsonist, Trebor Perry.

You knew something else was going on. Tanna Hurd was Perry's girlfriend when he lit the fire.

"Immediately panicked of court. I have small children in the home so my first instinct was to get the fire out," said Hurd.

The danger was not only to Tanna and her two children. Her apartment adjoins another one, four people were there at the time of the fire. So in all seven lives were put in jeopardy by a single senseless act.

"He did not mean no harm, he loved his kids," said Princetta Perry.

Trebor's mother says he was traumatized by witnessing her being attacked when he was 9. In Tanna's words that's BS.

"He's 26 years old, something happened to him when he was 9. If that's the case I be traumatized I seen horrific things," said Tanna Hurd.

A mother's love is a mother's love but it can blur your judgment.  Luckily in this case Trebor Perry's actions have his girlfriend seeing clearly.

She says the relationship is over.

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