Editorial Response: Idalita Raso on "More Free Money"

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(WOIO) - My name is Idalita Raso. I'm responding to Bill Applegate's Editorial "More Free Money."

In my opinion, there isn't anything free about this money. Some unemployed have lost their homes that they have worked hard to build. Ask anyone unemployed and they will tell you that they would rather have a job.

The dirty secret behind high unemployment rate, are employers. As the job market has become extremely competitive, employer's are enjoying a buyers market, by using discriminatory hiring tactics…rejecting perfectly good workers simply because they can't pass a personality test or they lack preferred experience. The old catch twenty-two.

Employer's aren't even considering transferable skills which would allow applicants to move easily into other fields. The Internet has made it easier for employer's to discriminate by age and race without getting caught.

Also, what about employer's who have said, "unemployed need not apply" come on, this should be illegal.

Most of these hiring tactics aren't new, but they come at a time when America can least afford it.

We'd better wake up and fix this before we're all living under a tent.


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