Editorial: Impact of Afghan War Leaks

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It was big news this past week, an insurgent web site called Wikileaks released some 90-thousand classified military documents purporting to show the sorry state of America's War in Afghanistan.

But even though the story got front page play in newspapers and network news programs, the fact is the documents are mostly low-level field reports revealing information that most Americans already know.

The reports details for example a faltering American military campaign and show an enemy growing bolder and stronger.

Well, not exactly breaking news here.

The classified documents also imply that in Pakistan we have an ally whose own intelligence service may actually be secretly helping the Taliban. And, yes, we've known about that also.

Nevertheless, on Capitol Hill early reaction to the leaks signaled possible political danger for President Obama and his Afghan War Policy.

In a statement, no less a loyalist than Senator John Kerry said the documents raised concerns.

The Australian former computer hacker turned Anti-War Crusader who operates Wikileaks compared the significance of these military leaks to the infamous Pentagon papers of the Vietnam Era. They are not, but the very fact that these leaks have been accorded such significance may signal that America's patience with the long struggle in Afghanistan is wearing thin.

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