Speed Kills: ODOT looking to lower the speed limit in construction zones

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - When you see a night time construction zone on the roads do you slow down?

The deaths of two workers in a matter of weeks have prompted the state to take action.

They want to reduce the speed limit to get drivers to pay attention.

It has been a deadly month for the Ohio Department of Transportation. On July 27th Randy Roginski was killed on I-271 and two weeks before Roginski's death, Eric Kirkbride was killed on I-70. Both were in temporary construction zones.

"Unfortunately driver inattention leads to accidents."

Officials say there's more to it than just that and it begins with realizing not all construction zones are the same.

"Temporary work zones can be very dangerous places."

Speeds are reduced in all permanent construction zones but not in the temporary ones and it's inside the temporary ones where it seems the most workers are getting killed.

"It's definitely something we want to learn more about and hopefully implement very soon."

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