Dash Cam: Career criminal busted after ripping off pizza delivery man

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ALLIANCE, OH (WOIO) - Alliance Police have a arrested a career criminal after the punk ripped off a pizza delivery man.

The standoff with Alliance Police was caught on police dash cam, click here to check it out.

John Winkler, who already has three convictions for misuse of the 911 System, ordered two pizzas using the name and phone number of his neighbor. When the pizza arrived, the neighbor directed the East of Chicago delivery driver to Winkler's door.

Winkler opened the door, took the pizzas and quickly shut it and locked it without paying for the pizzas. An officer was called to the scene and Winkler refused to open the door and cooperate. After two hours Winkler gave up and was taken into custody as 2nd shift officers were making entry with a search warrant to take him into custody and seize evidence of the theft.

Winkler denied the theft - stating he had no pizza upstairs. Two half eaten pizzas were found hidden under his bed though upon searching.

Winkler was subsequently charged with Theft and Obstructing Official Business.

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