Real Safe: Man charged for stashing weapons above daycare center

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Here's one that will have you scratching your head.

Weapons charges have just been filed against a man for stashing his weapons above a daycare center, but the no action has been taken against the daycare center for allowing the man to rent the apartment.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors have just indicted James Ballinger on seventeen counts. Most of the counts are weapons charges, but others are for resisting arrest.

In June, a massive manhunt for Ballinger occurred after he spoke of killing cops and taking hostages at the daycare. When Cleveland Police located him, he had several guns on his person and dozens of knives and other guns stashed in the apartment he rented above Happy Works Daycare.

Ballinger previously spent time in a mental hospital.

The state of Ohio has yet to take any action against Happy Works for renting out the apartment to Ballinger.

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