Dumb: Man holed up in house with two pizzas

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ALLIANCE, OH (WOIO) - John Winkler made headlines but for all the wrong reasons. He held police at bay for two hours - get this over a pizza.

Police surveillance shows just how patient officers are with this guy, asking him to come out.

Then police try a more stern approach.

It all began when police say Mr. Winkler ordered two pizzas but he used the name and phone number of his neighbor.

When the neighbors got the pizza they directed the delivery man to Mr. Winkler's home.

MR. Winkler opened the door snatched the two pizza's from the delivery man and promptly slammed it shut-- without paying.

Police--- only human and running out of patience start to get real with Mr. Winkler.

"Nobody's going the get hurt if you come to the door," said police.

A light bulb in Mr. Winkler's head goes off.  he comes out but then that light bulb dims and Mr Winkler denies any wrongdoing.

"I didn't steal no pizza. There is no pizza up there," said Winkler.


Police found the two half eaten pizzas under his bed.

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