Stay There: Judge refuses to lower $1M bond for suspected wife killer

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MEDINA, OH (WOIO) - The man accused of poising his wife will remain locked up on a $1M dollar bond. This, after a judge refused to lower Dennis Auerswald's bond on Friday.

Auerswald is accused of poisoning his wife of 14-years, Maureen Kay, in February of 2009.

Detectives believe the 60-year-old man slipped antifreeze into his wife's food or drink over an extended period of time. Police say when Dennis found his wife passed out at home with what he said was a bottle of vodka, he didn't call 911. Instead, he waited for two hours before bringing her to Medina General Hospital. She died the next day.

A doctor says he found antifreeze in Maureen and a search warrant discovered antifreeze in their garage.

Auerswald's lawyer tried to argue down his client's high bond by claiming the accused killer is not a flight risk and was well-aware of the investigation into his wife's death and could have fled before he was arrested.

The judge didn't buy it, and ruled Auerswald remain locked up on $1M dollars.

Auerswald faces charges of aggravated murder, murder and forgery.

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