Crime Out: National Night Out 2010 against crime comes to Cleveland

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A crime and drug prevention event kicked off Tuesday in several Cleveland neighborhoods.

"We want people to turn on their porch lights, attend the block party and get to know their neighbors."

Various different neighborhoods across the country held block parties as part of National Night Out, an annual event.

Locally neighbors hit the streets to talk to each other and propose solutions for a growing violence problem.

In Mt.. Pleasant, the Reverend Dr. Rebecca Stitt knows the feeling all too well. Her church, was burglarized this summer.

"Then they came back the following night, it was two nights, they came in through the window," said Reverend Stitt.

"And it's a shame, you have to put bars on the keep folk out."

And that's why people all over Cleveland are coming out against crime.

The first National Night Out was held in 1984.

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