Senseless: Animals attacked and some even killed in local neighborhood

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LORAIN COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Police in Lorain County are investigating after animals were attacked and killed in a local neighborhood, some of them, just babies.

14 four-legged victims were harmed in a vicious and sick attack.

Five goats didn't survive and the rest took a serious beating.

The owners want to know who would do such a thing?

"The friendlier ones we have names for. Unfortunately the ones they got were some of the friendlier ones," said Kevin Bates.

Mr. Bates has kept goats on his Lorain County property for 25 years. They're part pet, part landscape team.

"They keep the grass down here that's why we keep them here. We don't milk them anymore."

But now the Bates herd is missing three kids and two mothers after somebody barged into their pen and beat them to death.

"It was kind of sickening to come out here and find them like that."

"One had a broken leg, one had the horns ripped loose. One horn was off, one was just dangling, and that one also had a broken leg."

All 14 were attacked with some blunt object.

The family can't imagine who or why, but the culprits were on a twisted mission to hurt the helpless goats. Their auto repair shop and all the cars in front were untouched.

No suspects or arrests yet in this animal cruelty case.

The Bates family is offering a reward, hoping to get someone to come forward with information. In the meantime, they're warning other animal owners around them to keep them locked up, and safe.

If you have any information about this crime call the police.

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