Happy Tail: Pet parent delighted when pup feared dognapped is returned home

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Good news for a concerned pet owner who believed her beloved pup was dognapped!

Justine Holtcamp's teacup Yorkshire Terrier, Winston, was returned home on Tuesday.

This, after little Winston got out of her Tremont apartment on Monday morning. Before she was able to get him back inside, a man in a silver SUV scooped the pup up and drove off.

Turns out, the man who picked Winston up saw the story on TV and immediately contacted Holtcamp. He said he just saw a dog in the middle of the street and feared for the tiny dog's safety. He also said he didn't see any tags on Winston, so he didn't know who to contact.

In a happy reunion, Holtcamp met the man and his family and Winston was returned.

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