Sloppy: Audit says Frank Russo's office is poorly run

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) -  The state auditor's review of Frank Russo's operation shows his office is sloppily run, with little oversight and few programs to catch abuse.

"I love my job, I love service the taxpayers, said county auditor, Frank Russo.

Frank Russo dismisses the results of the state audit. It found his operation is filled with areas.

The findings state he runs a department where those who want to run wild can.

There are few checks on anything - who's hired, their qualifications, how much their paid.

Vacation and sick leave abuse - virtually no system in place to find it let alone stop it.

"Isn't it an indictment of you and your management," said reporter, Paul Orlousky.

"I don't think so I think it comes out to a plus at the end of the year," said Russo.

Russo cites his own statistics, but they are projections and don't consider past practices.

He employs 240 people - the same number as when he took office.

But don't forget employment had ballooned to 314 before countywide buyouts.

By comparison county treasurer Jim Rokakis inherited 119 employees.

The empty desks in his office reflect his streamlining the office to 67 employees.

There is a really easy way to visualize what's going on in the county.

Frank Russo inherited a department with lots of fat and he isn't trimming it, he's added to it.

While Rokakis and others cut workers Frank didn't. As a result voters decided to cut the biggest fat, they voted the biggest fathead, Frank Russo out of office.

Rokakis minces no words in talking about Russo.

He says it gets back to Russo's escaping felony charges after an audit investigation a dozen years ago saying, "he should have been put in jail in 1998. When you walk away with only misdemeanor charges its a license to steal and that's what he did."

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