Editorial: A cavalcade of corruption

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(WOIO) - The picture being painted of Cuyahoga County government over the past two years is that of a culture so corrupt, so riddled with bribery, pay-to-play patronage and cronyism that it literally takes the breath away.

The parade of wise guys heading off to jail in the FBI's probe has continued throughout this summer. In the meantime, thanks primarily to the Plain Dealer, a light is now being shined into every corridor of county government and wherever that light points it seems out pops a stinker.

The latest in this cavalcade is Mr. Tom Bush, a member of the Cuyahoga County Board of Revision.

The Board of Revision, in case you didn't know, hears taxpayer's complaints about their property assessments. They have influence over how much property tax you pay.

Bush, The Plain Dealer discovered, only worked a few hours a week in exchange for his $64-thousand a year salary and he actually had a second job he worked while on county time.

Well, he has now resigned leaving behind other board members who apparently don't come to work very often either. It turns out the board members don't report to anyone and no one tracks their work hours.

Well, how did they get these cushy jobs in the first place? Easy, they were appointed by elected officials…with names like Hagan, Dimora and Russo.

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