Tick-Tock: Cops Response time has Action News asking questions about the delay

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News investigation has uncovered a long delay between the time cops were called to a home with a murder suspect and the time they actually arrived.

The tape has 19 Action news questioning, are there enough cops on your streets and why did it take so long to respond to the call?

Police have released the radio tapes from a call in May that led to the arrest of murder suspect Vittorio Delgado.

"They're smoking pot in their driveway. Two days ago the FBI just raided the freaking house," said the caller.

The tapes show that call came in about 6:30 but dispatchers didn't send cars and tell officers about the murder suspect there until about 2 1/2 hours after the call.

"We have a male that's calling complaining about males that are playing basketball in the street. They're very loud and smoking pot. Just to advise I am showing a 37 year old male. He's showing an aggravated murder," said the dispatcher.

It's still not clear why police hadn't been sent earlier or if anyone else had pulled up that information. Officers did ultimately arrest Delgado and ended up shooting and killing a pit bull in the process.

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