Sorry Men: Study about ogling breast is a hoax

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(WOIO) - You may have read the story we printed about a study out of Germany involving women's breasts.

The report claimed that researchers found men who stared at large breasted women 10 minutes a day lived longer.

The reasoning - that the 10 minutes of gawking was equivalent to a 30 minute long aerobic workout.

There were also claims that this study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine and what appeared to be other reputable sources.

We had a hard time believing the story - as you probably did as well - so we've spent a few more days digging deeper.

And we can now tell you this story was never published in the New England Journal of Medicine…and it is indeed a complete hoax that is making the rounds on the internet.

So - as best we can tell - that kind of staring will only get you a good slap in the face!

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