Step Down!: Democratic Party Chairman calls for Russo and Dimora to resign

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO)- Citing the best interests of the Cuyahoga County residents and the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, County Party Chair Stuart Garson announced his call for County Auditor Frank Russo and County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora to resign their offices.

"This situation and the taint of scandal have become a distraction to our community, party and our candidates. The presumption of innocence is sacrosanct in our justice system and this call to step down should not be construed as a reflection or opinion on their guilt or innocence. However, the appearance of impropriety in these offices continues to grow which has compromised the public's trust in these office holders and their effectiveness to carry out the duties of these offices."

"The exhaustive two year old federal investigation is still ongoing. Notwithstanding that outcome, the resignations will allow our candidates for the new positions of County Executive and Council to focus on their ideas for governance, economic development and social services without any further distraction.

"The people of this county deserve honest, transparent government, and elected officials who are dedicated to improving the working and living conditions of all our residents. The principles of the Democratic Party remain most in line with the needs of our community and its working men and women. We will strive to renew this region by supporting candidates who are committed to serving those interests. The Cuyahoga County Democratic Party intends to be a positive and constructive force for our county's revival."

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