Who is She?: The hunt is on for a lifesaving mystery hero

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Action News is helping out in a manhunt and this one has nothing to do with the police.

Kassady Weirich says she passed out while she was sitting in her car in a Sheffield parking lot.

She's not sure how long she was out, but it was hot and she could have been in real trouble if that good smaritan hadn't seen her slumped over.

"She said whatever is going on you will get better, you'll be okay, I'm gonna make sure you get help, just breath, calm down," said Kassady.

Eventually, an ambulance arrived and Kassady was rushed to the hospital. She was released later that night.

But she's upset that she never got a chance to say thank you to the stranger.

Kassady was so out of it, due to the heat and her heart condition, she doesn't even remember what she looked like.

"Other than she had short hair, but that's all I remember from her being there."

If you're reading this Kassady has a message for you:

"Thank you, it's people like you that make the world a better place to be in and it means a lot to me for someone to get out of their car, get out of their comfort zone to help someone that she doesn't even know."

That single act, not only helped Kassady out of perilous a situation but it renewed her confidence in people.

By the way, Kassady passed out in the parking lot of her doctor's office.

And even though they could see she was in peril, Kassady says none of the doctors came out to help.

19 Action News plans to look into it, and report back when we get their side of the story.

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