No Respect: LeBron's angry tweet after being heckled at Cedar Point

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SANDUSKY, OH (WOIO) - LeBron James continues to make headlines in Cleveland this summer after his fall out with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Tuesday he took the fam to Cedar Point but the couple caused mayhem once the word got around that they were there. 

(Former) fans heckled him while he played one of the basketball games, a woman yelled, "I bet you miss"...another man chimed in, "Bron, shoot left-handed; your elbow hurts!" A "so-called-fan" also shouted, "Just like Game 5" when he missed the shot.

Meantime, on Wednesday, Miami Heat's Chris Bosh mentioned on a sport's show that LeBron never asked him to come play in Cleveland.

During the interview on the Dan Patrick Show, Bosh said that LeBron never asked him to come to Cleveland and that he was surprised with all of the "negative reaction" to LeBron's primetime special announcing his decision. 

Bosh also defended LeBron's special announcement on national television by saying "he was in a position where people were going to take anything he said [as negative]."

Did LeBron know all along he was leaving? You have to wonder why he never asked Bosh to come to Cleveland!

Click here to read the entire interview for the Dan Patrick Show.

Late Tuesday evening, LeBron tweeted that he was keeping track of all the negative comments being made by critics. "Don't think for one minute that I haven't been taking mental notes of everyone taking shots at me this summer. And I mean everyone!" said James.

James became a free agent from the Cleveland Cavaliers in early July and chose to take his talents to South Beach and play for the Miami Heat. All because he wants to win a championship ring the fastest way possible.

Not everyone in James' family was excited for the big move.

High school sweetheart Savannah Brinson spoke out in a recent issue of Harper's Bazaar Magazine saying she wasn't thrilled about the move and that to her, Miami is good for a three day vacation and then she wanted to come home.

Do you think the playoffs were rigged and LeBron knew all along he was taking off? Will LeBron get his revenge on the media by winning his beloved championship ring this season? Sound off, submit your thought to!

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