Hot Dots: Keeping high school athletes safe in hot weather

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(WOIO) - Heat and humidity can be especially hard on athletes during practice. A high school in Shelbyville, Kentucky is using a new product to prevent their players from getting heat stroke.

It's a sticker for the skin called the ionX Body Temperature Alert Patch or "hot dots." They're now part of the uniform for the teams at Collins High School.

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A waterproof black dot is stuck on a vein on the arm or neck, out of direct sunlight. It measures the body's core temperature and when it turns yellow, that means danger and time to take a break until the color darkens again.

About two years ago, a football player at a Louisville high school died after a practice in the heat. Officials at Collins High School hope this new technology will prevent another tragic death.

These alert patches were donated to the school by the Kentucky Family Safety Foundation. They cost about 50 cents a piece and are available online.

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